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Hate Crimes of the Jena 6

This Jena 6 line of bull has been driving me nuts. The fact is that a guy was down on the ground getting kicked in the face. Let’s see if I know what the problem is here. A defenseless white guy is on the ground while 6 black guys assault him. Hmm, sounds bad. What would we do if a defenseless black guy was on the ground getting beat by 6 white guys. I seem to remember riots that required calling in the national guard.

The things that bothers me is equivocating saying extremely hateful things (with a teaching aid of a noose) with wailing on an unconscious person’s head. Hanging thoseJustin Barker Injuries Sustained nooses is hurtful, and people should exert social pressures to stop it, but the DA has a good point in asking, “How should I prosecute this?” Who was hurt, or was there any specific threat made? Was a law on the books broken? If there wasn’t a law on the books, it is for the legislature to make the law. Don’t ask me how it would read- It is hard to prosecute people for their ignorance or to legislate laws against social ignorance.

One defense that I hear is that he was at a school function later. If I understand correctly, if permanent debilitating damage wasn’t done, there isn’t a crime. Apparently DUI is not a crime unless an accident occurs. Shooting at people is not a major crime unless you hit a vital organ (if you get a flesh wound in the leg, he could be out and about later that afternoon after some time in a hospital. This boy’s life was threatened and the punishment should indicate that this was taken into consideration.

If we wish to describe actions as hate crimes, wouldn’t this be a classic example? They beat an unconscious high school student because of his race.

I invite any recommendations on what to do with those who hung the nooses. I just can’t think of how you punish people who hang nooses, have KKK stickers, or get Nazi tattoos. You can attack them in this case for defacing school grounds, I guess.

I guess I am just sick of people crying racism when they are guilty of their crimes. Pitching a fit any time you lose in a gamble against the law is very irritating to those watching from the sidelines.