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Plattitudes that you hear that are dead wrong.

I was at church today and I heard someone say ” If you aren’t out of your comfort zone, you aren’t progressing”.

That sounded good to me at first glance, but the more I thought about it the more it became retarded. The things that I need to do more than anything else to progress at this point are well within my comfort zone.

I need to help my wife with dishes a little more. Helping your wife with stuff can get well into your comfort zone. (yeah)
I should spend more time reading to my children and less time watching brain suckers (tv, computer, video games).

I should spend more time meditating and planning my day instead of getting up literally 10 minutes before I have to leave and showering, shaving and dressing in a panic. You can’t tell me that that would not make me more comfortable and help in my progress. I need to read more good books and less fluff (right after I read the last Harry Potter book).

You see the point. People are waiting for these big experiences that will shape their lives. Speaking in front of people is out of most peoples comfort zones, and I think a big part of that is they don’t have anything useful to say.

I teach and I have all these students claiming test taking anxiety. After talking with them for a few minutes I realize that the problem in 95% of the cases is they don’t have a clue what they are talking about. They failed because they should have, and the test accurately assessed their knowledge. It’s ok, Jesus still loves you, you just don’t know jack about chemistry.

The speaker today was painfully boring. I zoned out and looked at my watch and recognized that he had gone over the time alotted. HEY BUDDY!! IF YOU WERE WORTH LISTENING TO FOR 40 MINUTES THEY WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU THAT MUCH TIME TO SPEAK!! I know I should be humbly listing but this guy was painfully boring and thought he was Demosthenes. Prepare for the talk and don’t wing it. Do your little progression in your special little comfort zone and your sermon won’t induce blogs.

If you budget in your comfort zone, when a salesman comes by it is easy to say no. We had your customary alarm system salesman come by yesterday (just 9 bucks a week) and I told him it wasn’t in our budget. ” Well what about your protection?” ” I have a gun.” “What about your wife?” “She’s as good of a shot as I am.”

The last example I will give is this blog. This is my second entry and you can bet that I don’t think that I am Mark Twain. I am writing for free to a non trapped audience (thank you for reading) to develop some skill so if I want to write later, I can put out a better product after some practice. Have a good one.