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The Islamic threat- Demographics and a look at German History

I recently read a blog called “The sophistry” on the facts that Islamic people are demographically overcoming Europe. It was really interesting and had some good points. There are a few huge similarities with the Nazi threat in the 30’s and the Islamic threat today.

First of all, they aren’t exactly fans of people who are different. I don’t agree religiously with homosexuality. On the other hand, I am friends with some gay people and we don’t throw rocks at each other, and I don’t want to gas them. I am not exactly Jewish, but I don’t recall having firebombed any of their synagogues, and enjoy the company of the few that I know from work. The Nazis and Islamists tend to take their beliefs to extreme measures, and the people they don’t like with tend to end up in not so fun positions, such as horizontal.

Demographically, the Islamic nation has a swelling population. Before WW2, according to, the population of Germany was 73,000,000(1938) and the population of France was 40,800,000 (1939). The gap was widening due to much higher birthrates in Germany. Currently, Muslims make up 21% of the world while Christians make of 33%, with the Christian population as a trend getting older and the Muslim population full of young people. The practice of polygamy frees up young men while ensuring that population growth isn’t limited.

Many Muslim people are afraid to criticize people of their own faith, and seem to let their violent wings run a muck. The best evidence I see of this is Iraq. The US forces have screwed some things up, but it is not policy to indiscriminately kill women and children with massive bombs. The terrorists wipe out civilians and a large enough portion of the Iraqi population assist them that they remain an effective guerrilla force. In Nazi Germany, the Brownshirts caused massive disturbances and did things to the Jews that caused unease, but there was not enough unease to rebuke them and make them cease their violent actions.

The fascist party leadership used simple means to prepare their youth for a larger effort later. They included pre-military training (banning the boy scouts and replacing it with Hitlers Youth), and put out powerful propaganda about the desirability of destroying all enemies of the people and the state by whatever means necessary. They exaggerated differences, and villanized those darned Zionists. Palestinian cartoons, which are open to the world’s view, glorified killing infidels. The ignorance, bias, and violence that is handed down in private must rival the racism that is handed down by Neo-Nazi gangs in back rooms in America.

Over the weekend, Italian authorities broke up a group that was training at a mosque using information that had been obtained through the internet. The nature of the training and its ease would lead you to believe that many more of these schools are spread throughout the world. Meanwhile, instead of studying history, math, science, or even philosophy, we are teaching our kids that they are entitled to feel good. If there is a fight, who will be prepared? The unprepared will have to surrender without a blow.

These are just some thoughts that I have had. The most dangerous thing about Islam is that the moderate elements will not criticize the violent elements, often supporting them, and at best, looking the other way. These moderate elements have to stand up for what is right. Unless they stop this apathy about other’s lives and rights, they will find themselves riding the same runaway train that the German moderates were on in 1939, with their brainwashed children riding in the dangerous, bullet ridden front seats, with Old Europe (figuratively and literally) sitting on the tracks.