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My Computer is back!!

I had another pleasant experience with Dell.  I would like to thank all those people out there who treat Indians on the customer service lines like total crap.  Through constant beat downs we have made the Indians realize that they are, in fact, unworthy of a please or thank you.  We should treat our pit bulls with more compassion.

The reason I thank you is that by treating the customer service guys with the slightest degree of respect, I get the royal treatment.  We had a lightning storm here and after the lightning struck, the Internet ceased working.  After a couple of days the sound quit working, and then we lost total computer function.  I was pretty depressed.  It was a ton worse than when my wife left to visit her mom.  I guess that the sadness was greatly mitigated by the fact that I wasn’t there.  Now that was happiness.

Anyway, this Indian guy set up the repair for free.  They ended up replacing the motherboard withing 3 days of me calling.  I am still a huge fan of Dell.  Based on the customer service, we would definitely buy another Dell.  Anyway, it finally works.

I hope  everyone is doing fine, and God bless us every one and all of that other crap.