The Primaries- Empty promises win again (and signal economic doom)

A friend of mine just commented, “I think it is arrogant of presidential candidates to act like they can solve all the health care problems in the US with a plan that they can come up with.”   I would add to that.  It is crazy to think that some government economic plan can make us prosperous.  Citizens create the resources of this country.  The government just redistributes them.  McCain and Huckabee seem oblivious to that fact.

I know that you have heard this all before, but so have I.  This batch of politicians sounds more and more like the last.  I am not a huge fan of Romney, but I think he is in better condition than most to make the economy move forward.  He is one of the few that can also make a living without sucking on the government teat.  McCain has received his economic security form the government since he started working.  Huckabee was a preacher.  Ron Paul actually made a living and did very well as a doctor.  He has opted out of the government program to ensure congress-men’s retirement. 

Two stand out as people that could make business work.  They understand that the government that governs best is the government that governs least.  This old adage is repeated often but used very little.

One thing that intimidates me about McCain is his ability to compromise.  Compromise is often a situation of you giving me my program if I give you yours.  This effectively doubles the rate of government growth.  If that is what you really want, vote McCain.   I also think that the idea that we make our country safe by ignoring our borders and securing those in Iraq is ludicrous.  I recognize that we are already in Iraq, but the wholesale ignoring of our national sovereignty at home is a recipe for economic and security disaster.   The recession is going to come, the question is, will the government prolong and deepen it?  Our votes will help decide.

I have heard people say that they would rather vote for Clinton than McCain.  I think these people are crazy.  Politicians move to where the votes are.  If you want to show the republicans that you want  a more conservative brand of republicanism, vote some conservative party.  I will probably end up writing in Ron Paul if nothing else changes.

Last of all, I think there is some hope that if McCain and Huckabee join on a ticket, Huckabee will be able to pull in the conservative vote.  This won’t pull my vote for sure.  They are pair a big government populists who speak rhetoric out of both sides of their mouths.  

Part of me does want the democrats to win.  If we have a recession while the democrats are in office, hopefully a more conservative form of government will come into being at the next elections.   The catch is how much damage will the well meaning, but economically blind democrats be able to do before those elections.  I dont’ want to think about it, and I dont’ want them to win overall. 

I guess all that is left to do is to not waste my vote.  And any vote given to the lesser of two evils is a wasted vote.


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