Ron Paul gets on the Front Page…. It’s about time!

Ron Paul recieved 4.2 million dollars for his campaign in one day.  He did it without a big old professional staff, without a political or media machine behind him.  He was able to make it happen because he inspires people.  Having almost 40,000 Americans donate to you on one day is quite a feat.

Romney spent massive amounts of money on getting out the vote.  He has gotten a decently wide response, but it seems to be only one inch deep.  Ron Paul’s response, on the other hand, was $100 deep.   Those are volunteers that will move around to get out the vote, and make sincere contacts with voters, meanwhile costing Paul’s campaign relatively nothing.

The other candidates have to be frustrated.  They have a machine behind them, and still they can’t get the deep support Ron Paul does.   The big question is can he widen out that support?  He is tapping into people who are frustrated witht he way things are done and want ot see a change.  They don’t really trust any of the other candidates.  Ron Paul supports civil liberties, he opposes illegal immigration, is against nation building, for smaller government.  He wants to make sure that government power can’t be abused too much by making sure the government doesn’t have too much power.  I like it.  I think the founding fathers would also.  In the article on yahoo, it states that he is carrying the Pat Buchanan voters.  This is partially true, but he is big into free trade and very zealous in protecting civil liberties.

I was just excited when I saw the information.  I hope the big wigs will take notice, and give him some coverage.  He is a phenomenon.  Maybe the people writing those articles aren’t as in touch with America as they think.  Some American’s sure seem to like Ron Paul.  I am one of them

2 Responses to “Ron Paul gets on the Front Page…. It’s about time!”

  1. 1 coollikeme November 7, 2007 at 12:23 am

    Sound like a waste of money to me. He won’t win!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 rhill November 8, 2007 at 9:03 pm

    2 things bother me about Ron Paul:

    He’s not a big supporter of Israel. I also don’t think abandoning Iraq is the best plan for the Middle East either.

    He has no real experience running a big company or state.

    But all that aside, I’d still vote for him over the rest of the big name runners (still hoping for Huckabee).

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