Men, you suck and here is why!!

I am sick of sucking because I was born a man.  Modern day society makes it clear that men are less than women in all sectors except physical strength.

Men are not sensitive.  It is a well known fact that if someone needs comforting, it isn’t a man’s role to do it.  He is too daft.

Men lack common sense, and aren’t really decisions makers.  You here those Lowe’s commercials with a financially savvy women dragging convincing her husband to go to shop for new appliances.  He is apparently to stupid to read the paper so she has to let him know about the great offers. (This also gets into financing on commercials, which drives me absolutely nutty, as it gives the image you will never have to pay.) The only reason he likes to go is so his wife can show him up at Lowe’s on how to build things.

Men are tasteless (unless gay).  The guys are the ones that go around dressed like idiots, unless their wives help them out.

Men are clueless about what is important.  Just watch pretty woman, wedding planner, or any of the other movies in that line.  Basic idea is man has no clue about how to live his life, hot woman of low social status teaches him about what is important.  They then have fantabulous sex, and he does just what she said he should do.  Good thing these women are around to teach men about what is important.  I would like to note that movies like While you were Sleeping do very well.  They more accurately reflect reality.  A guy and a girl who both are clueless in some aspects get together, help teach each other something, and  (less realistic, but better movie material) fall in love.

Men completely lack the ability to manage things around home.  If they are left to their own devices, the vacuum ends up consuming the drapes, and one of the small children.  The meal consists of corn dogs, something you can microwave, and whatever was in the blender spread all over the ceiling.

Men are dumb.  Everyone knows that girls are quicker learners.

Men are immature.  Everyone also knows that girls mature faster then guys.  That is why you have 22 year old girls marrying 40 year old guys.  I swear it isn’t because she is smoking hot and he is loaded.

Guys are complete jerks who love to put women down.  That is the only explanation for inequalities. (I recognize these complete jerks do exist, but there might be some non jerks out there also.)

Guys are uglier than girls.  (I have to agree here.  I love that nice smooth skin and other … . attributes.  Let’s face it, girls are better looking)

I could go on for all day, but I am just frustrated by this.  I recognize that some of these things are, in fact true.  I just wish that guys could be better at things every once in a while.  I wish someone would consider that after pushing math and science on girls, engineers are still predominantly male.   Can it please be because guys don’t inherently suck at everything?

Anyway, just thought I would put out my frustrations, and hopefully get some feedback about what a sexist pig I am and actually start an honest conversation about if each of the sexes tend towards jobs that, as a population, they are better at.  Before people say that I think women should stay at home and pop out babies, I know some darn fine female engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, (insert your favorite profession here) etc.  I just wonder about things like this, and wish I didn’t have to suck.

Interesting fact-  If a smart than average man and woman get married, chances are he is smarter than her.  On the other hand, if a dumber than average man and woman get married, chances are she is smarter than him.  Men are spread more out on the IQ scales, with higher highs and lower lows.  Woman statistically don’t deviate as far from the median.


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  1. 1 Ovature December 28, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    Look at what these guys are writing. Can we do something about this:

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