Expensive crappy schools

There is some irony to the fact that inner city schools are incredibly expensive, but generally the product they turn out is poor product. As we have thrown more and more money at it, the problem has not improved, just gotten more expensive. In places like California and New York you are lucky if 50% of the funding reaches the classroom. The rest goes to expand the bureaucracy. More and more education phd’s that are producing no tangible results. So why are we expanding the bureaucracy?

The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaurocracy, as Oscar Wilde astutely said.

School is now expanding financially and politically. The Pew Charitable Trust (aka money pot for socialist causes) is irate that some states don’t have government sponsored preschool. I guess this is paranoia coming out, but get away from my kid. I don’t want him to turn out like everyone else. Have you met them? They seem unable to turn out a spontaneous thought. They all think they are unique little flowers but they blend together becuase they have been molded by well meaning but often wrong teachers. My other question is where are we going to get these teachers? I heard on a commercial and advertisement for “preschool professionals”. What in the heck are those? They now have people with masters degrees changing all the dirty diapers? You do not attract the most qualified people on the planet for $8.26 an hour. Those are not the people I want indoctrinating my children for another year. I don’t have anything against them and I am sure that many of them are very nice people, but no thanks. I would feel the same way about another government bureaucracy teaching my kids. Can you imagine DMV employees teaching your children? They would come home at five years old and would have lost all capacity to do anything useful. With preschool, I think they will have come home and lost the ability to think.

I am leery of sending my kids to public school. The quality of teachers is dropping rapidly, as does the quality of nearly every employee as the size of government grows (see what the TSA does). The only reason that the quality has not sunk through the floor is professional pride, and that is on the down slide. I had some fantastic teachers in high school that taught and commanded respect in their class. I was not known for my superior attendance during school, always missing the maximum days allowed before automatic failure(still got A’s, so my parents didn’t care), but I never sloughed the classes with the good (and tough) teachers . They were actually worth going to, and they made up about 40-60% of my day, depending on the time of year. I know one of the teachers that was fantastic was asked to leave because of an incident disciplining a student. I am afraid all that will be left when my children come around are PC bureaucrats.

The way I see out of this is either school vouchers or an abolishment of public schooling all together. I think everyone would agree that the Unions, with their fear of change, have taken a heavy toll on the auto industry. I am seeing the same thing take place slowly with the school systems. The teaching unions are trying to keep all of the work “in house”, both to preserve jobs and from a sincere belief that they provide the best quality of education. If that were really true, why would people send their children to private schools? Competition will do two things. First, it will allow change to occur. Some will be good and some will be bad. The good will be adopted, the bad will be discarded. Secondly, people will be given the choice of bypassing poor quality schools. Vouchers are a possible way to do this (and we should keep it at the state level to prevent more unconstitutional federal government control). They allow the poor to select out of low quality schools if they desire. The parents are the ones that will make the choice of whether they want 50% of funding to go to bureaucracy or if 5-15% sounds better. They save the taxpayer money, to boot.

Now here is a tough truth. There are those kids whose parents don’t care about them enough to try to improve their educational situation, and they will be stuck in the shell of the public school system. Their will be (and should be) greater equality, due to the fact that some education will go up in quality while other education lingers in the dust. These kids will have a rough time, but until their parents care, what can we do about it? There is no reason to hold the rest of the kids down.

Every parent confesses endless love for their child. Some just aren’t telling the truth. If you are too busy going out with the gals to ever take your child to the library or children’s museum, you evidently don’t really care. If you watch two shows a night, but don’t have the energy to read to your kid, you don’t care. If you make sure you always have your guys or girls night out every week, but don’t have time to take your children to the park, you care about yourself, not your child. If you read and write blogs, and don’t have time to play games with your kid, you don’t care (that is kinda a weak spot for me). Everyone has to take time to take care of themselves, but we should try to squeeze that time away from non necessary activities, not from our kids. The fact remains that people who have kids that they don’t take care of end up0 populating the schools with problems. I want my kids away from those problems where they can learn. I am a fan of my children interacting with children of all backgrounds except induced idiocy. I’m sure most parents feel the same. Good luck


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