TSA Amazes Again

I would like to state that while I think that many government employees are extremely helpful, the larger the bureaucracy, the less the chance of help. To borrow an idea from Dave Barry, it seems as you add employees, the ability to think and assist drops rapidly, while the ability to obstruct goes up exponentially. Most government agencies seem to have the blocking skills of the Great Wall of China, with the common sense of Brittney Spears. The only way to get things done is to find some employee who has resisted the conversion to idiocy. There don’t seem to be to many of those at the TSA and their new position on remote control cars.

Let’s think about this on an airplane. “Hey Mohammed and Achmed! Get back near the bathrooms. I am about to detonate a bomb above where the wings are and I don’t want any of us to get hurt.” Yeah, that will happen. I am also sure that passengers also will not react to some guy pulling out a car with a little brick of modeling clay stuck on it with a few wires hanging around it (“Allah Ackbar! Allah Ackbar”). He whips out his handy remote, pulling up the remote antenna for maximum range, all the while chanting death to the infidels, and drives the car up to the cockpit and then detonates it! Yes siree! Good thing we don’t have those remote control cars. If you checked in with a bag that has an explosive on it do you really need a remote control? Just reach in, flip a switch, and kaboom!

They have now recommended that remote control cars should not be allowed on planes. When I heard this on the radio I thought about the two possible terrorists that were stopped in Goose Creek with the “fireworks” (within a mile of my home). One piece of pretty damning evidence in the trial is a video that these two put out on youtube on how to make detonators out of remote control cars. I hate to say it, but anything that operates on radio waves can be made to do the same. Cell phones and remote control vehicles are very useful because they sit idly and then produce a burst of energy when activated. The remote control cars are limited by the range of remote which are usually fairly small.

I recognize that remote control cars would be useful on the ground as bomb detonators. There, you can be out of the range of the bomb and detonate it with the inexpensive remote. The fact that these students put this on the web makes the CAIR cringe, especially after they came out against the reactionary police detaining some very well behaved students. Well done for those people involved.

On the other hand, this seems like an attempt by the Homeland Security people to CYA. Anytime anything looks the least bit dangerous, they make it illegal. There has got to be some bottled water company giving kickbacks to the head of the TSA. On the other hand, if a bunch of people are chanting Allah Ackbar, you are not allowed to give them special scrutiny. Especially if you are short manned right now because you are busy confiscating the Congressional Medal of Honor from a 86 year old former governer of South Dakota because the edges look sharp. And because you are also making sure that military officers don’t carry pens to Iraq when redeployed, and doing cavity searches of 75 year old women. I think that I have found my personal favorite. They are also telling women not to wear gel bras. How do they check for that? The 16 year old in me would love that job. “Yes, Miss Alba, I am sorry but I am going to have to check to see if those are real. No Jessica, this is not a joke, it is for the security of our nation. I am from the government and I am here to help.” (Happily, I might add) “Miss Electra, please get back in line”. (I had to look up a second hot name. How sad is that.)

I guess I get carried away with the stupidity of large government bodies that have been put in places of authority over me. They have not shown excessive competence in the past, and I don’t think I can expect it in the future. The available solution is to reduce the size of government. The collective IQ will actually go up, and it will have less of an ability to make dumb decisions. So find someone that is running for office that has a proven record of reducing the size of government. Someone is coming to mind. Trying to remember, the name rhymes with Ron Paul. Let’s get the government out of the hands of the bureaucrats and back in the hands of people who have to serve the customer to survive.

By the way, here is the link to one of the stories about RC cars that I read while I was looking up other TSA atrociousness.  Have fun paying taxes!


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