Maybe a slightly different direction

It seems that my blogs have fixed themselves in one direction, and I find myself wishing to talk about a different subject. Bloggers say that the optimum length for a blog is around 3oo words. It seems that any article longer then a certain length gets castigated. I guess people think so little of the public that they think anything longer than this is a waste and will not be read.

What in the heck has happened to our attention span? I have been reading in books about history in the 1800’s and even in the early 1900’s about speakers speaking for hours on end, bringing listeners with them through their trail of logic. The length was proscribed because of the complexity of the subject. I recognize that some things are better spoken in few words. The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Gettysburg address were all exercises in brevity. The catch is people don’t really wan to acquire any other information from longer more detailed sources. If it is non-fiction printed material, it needs to be resolved within a few sentences.

The discovery channel has destroyed education. Nowadays, people think that a 60 minute discovery channel special makes them an expert. No one even thinks of reading about something to learn a large amount of useful information.

I guess that instant gratification idea exists in me also.  I wish I was good at so many things but have troubel focusing on one thing long enough to become as proficient as I desire.  I want to be good at too many things, and I only have the time to be good at a couple.  I can’t figure out what I would like to be good at.  I am above average at quite a few things, but that is based on the fact that average usually sucks.  Oh well.  Sorry about this random off topic rant.  Just thinking.


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