Hate Crimes of the Jena 6

This Jena 6 line of bull has been driving me nuts. The fact is that a guy was down on the ground getting kicked in the face. Let’s see if I know what the problem is here. A defenseless white guy is on the ground while 6 black guys assault him. Hmm, sounds bad. What would we do if a defenseless black guy was on the ground getting beat by 6 white guys. I seem to remember riots that required calling in the national guard.

The things that bothers me is equivocating saying extremely hateful things (with a teaching aid of a noose) with wailing on an unconscious person’s head. Hanging thoseJustin Barker Injuries Sustained nooses is hurtful, and people should exert social pressures to stop it, but the DA has a good point in asking, “How should I prosecute this?” Who was hurt, or was there any specific threat made? Was a law on the books broken? If there wasn’t a law on the books, it is for the legislature to make the law. Don’t ask me how it would read- It is hard to prosecute people for their ignorance or to legislate laws against social ignorance.

One defense that I hear is that he was at a school function later. If I understand correctly, if permanent debilitating damage wasn’t done, there isn’t a crime. Apparently DUI is not a crime unless an accident occurs. Shooting at people is not a major crime unless you hit a vital organ (if you get a flesh wound in the leg, he could be out and about later that afternoon after some time in a hospital. This boy’s life was threatened and the punishment should indicate that this was taken into consideration.

If we wish to describe actions as hate crimes, wouldn’t this be a classic example? They beat an unconscious high school student because of his race.

I invite any recommendations on what to do with those who hung the nooses. I just can’t think of how you punish people who hang nooses, have KKK stickers, or get Nazi tattoos. You can attack them in this case for defacing school grounds, I guess.

I guess I am just sick of people crying racism when they are guilty of their crimes. Pitching a fit any time you lose in a gamble against the law is very irritating to those watching from the sidelines.


8 Responses to “Hate Crimes of the Jena 6”

  1. 1 Anonymous September 21, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    I don’t think this person was beat because of his race. There are obviously some other factors that caused the situation to escalate. I don’t think we should make comments when we don’t know the full story.

    There is absolutly no reason for anyone to be beat but their is also no reason for one person to be charged and kept in jail when the other person is out free after bringing a loaded shot gun to school.

    So now do you see why people are crying racism.

  2. 2 durch September 22, 2007 at 12:12 am

    I agree with and disagree with some of the things you said. They did beat him partially because of his race. I will agree that from the looks of the guy, he wasn’t a member of the chess club or the scholastic bowl team. He also said some stupid things designed to inflame black people. Those comments were construed extremely negatively because of the fact that he was white. I do not see any problem with Bell being in jail given the evidence

    I don’t really know enough about bringing the gun to school. All I have read is that he brought a loaded hunting rifle to school (with 13 bullets). I was raised in a rural community where people often brought hunting rifles to school, left them in their car, and went hunting after school. However, it looks iffy in this case for three reasons.
    1. He had already been in trouble.
    2. If he is a hunter, he should know that you don’t load your gun till you plan on hunting. If he planning on hunting men, I see why he had it loaded, otherwise he was grossly violating all the hunter’s safety rules.
    3. Generally, when the brought the rifles to school, it was hunting season. (just saying)
    4. I came up with another reason. Generally when you hunt, you try to kill the animal in one shot. Most mainstream hunting rifles don’t carry 13 shells, unless they are either .22’s, or assault weapons.

    I completely agree that in light of the volatile situation, Barker should have got more than a slap on the wrist for bringing the gun. It is worth noting that he did incur expulsion. The principal seems to be trying to run a tight ship. (He also recommended expulsion for the noose stunt.)

    I guess my frustration is that people are trying to downplay the nature of Bell’s crime, given he was trying to permanently damage someone. (that’s usually why you beat on unconscious people). Other crimes committed months before and after should not be so significant in the judgment. In my defense I also did not bring up Bells criminal record.

  3. 3 pvdugas September 27, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    The Louisiana School District is at fault in this matter. If everyone involved would have received some type of “consequence” none of this would have escalated. It could not be charged as a hate crime under the same statutes the DA gave for the white students. There aren’t any laws on the books. Perhaps now that Mychal Bell has been released and the case will be heard in the correct court, Juvenile Court, this situation will simmer. One thing it did do is bring out all of the true racist people in this country. Wow, I knew racism existed but it turned to venom over the last two months.

    In the 70s there was a brawl at my junior high school. So many fists were flying it was hard to determine who threw the first punch. Everyone was suspended. End of story. These situations have to be handled fairly, which was the only reason there was a rally in Jena on September 20th. We’ve got a long way to go in this country when dealing with race issues.

  4. 4 durch September 30, 2007 at 10:59 pm

    I agree that the school district should have taken things further. Honest discussion seems to be a way to get more of these things out in the open.

    One thing that frustrates me is that at these rallies, people are not clear on what they desire. If people would have come saying that Bell should be charged in a juvenile court based on the circumstance, I can really respect that. It is very hard for me to agree with a group when their request is a very vague “justice”. In this case that could mean firing the DA (who was just prosecuting vigorously, which is what a good DA is supposed to do) or letting Bell go (which doesn’t seem just).

    I guess I am torn. I hate to see a young kid like this go to prison (aka criminal college) and end up with his life wasted. On the other hand, he has to recognize that his actions were catergorically wrong. We have a hot tempered 16 year old who, based on his record, is prone to making bad decisions. What he needs is a father that can whip him, but instead spends time showing him patience and humility. Someone who has the ability to be successfully violent (short term anyway) but the discipline to be kind. I sincerely hope that things work out for him and he looks back at this incident as a time of youthful stupidity.
    I hope others involved, whatever their race, can think the same thing.
    Thank you for your input.

  5. 5 pvdugas October 1, 2007 at 2:25 am

    There were a lot of misconceptions about the rally in Jena. First, there was massive paranoia because of stereotypes about blacks that we’re just violent people, so members of the Jena community left their homes, businesses were boarded up etc. There was never going to be any violence. (That would have defeated the purpose) The only incidents that did occur were not by any of the protestors, but white hate groups.

    It was never about “freeing” Mychal Bell to the extent that all charges should have been dropped. The rally was really not even about Justin Barker. It was about the D.A. holding Mychal Bell in an adult court, especially after the charges had been overturned. You will recall the D.A. was talking about appealing the decision that was made. The day following the rally Mychal had a bond hearing and his bond was denied. The DA had no reason to hold Mychal, but he did, for six more days. And what you probably don’t know is that Mychal Bell is under house arrest. So he’s not totally free.

    So now, the case will be sent to the Juvenile Court where the CHARGES for the fight/attack will be heard. Everyone from Al Sharpton to Michael Baisden made it clear that if the boys are guilty, they should be punished. I just feel it’s time for everyone in this case to come clean and tell the truth. From Dr. Phil and CNN’s Judgement in Jena Justin Barker is maintaining he said nothing to those boys. I don’t buy that. The attack on Justin Barker was filled with passion, according to everything I’ve read. It’s idiotic to think those kids would randomly beat him up to that extent FOR NOTHING! (Hello!) It doesn’t add up. One of the Jena teacher’s stated one of the boys (Bryant Purvis) had nothing to do with the fight yet he was charged. So it’s obvious that a thorough investigation needs to be done here. I’m confident that the legal counsel will get to the bottom of it.

    Yes, Mychal Bell had prior charges, but how are we to know those charges weren’t injustice also? We really don’t know! We weren’t there! This country is full of racial profiling. So I think we all will have to wait and see how this unfolds.

    It’s just unfortunate the events had to unfold the way they did. Hatred paralyses life! I firmly believe that. Legally, the events that transpired may not have been linked, but we all know they were. When crimes are committed and there is not equal punishment, tensions simmer and then grow out of all proportions. We really can’t have two systems of justice. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, latino, or asian. There has got to be one system of justice for everyone.

    Take care!(Thanks for your entry in my guestbook)


  6. 6 Klandestine 33/6 December 3, 2007 at 7:03 pm

    {edited out}……

    They need a dose of reality again.

    White Christian Nation

  7. 7 Klandestine 33/6 December 4, 2007 at 1:31 am

    a black man goes into a white neighborhood gets his ass kicked….its a crime of hate, here comes jesse and al.

    a white man goes into a black neighbor hood and gets his ass beat,,,,well that boy was just in the wrong part of town…

    {edited out} whaddaya expect

  8. 8 durch December 12, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    Please watch the racial slurs. I let people speak their minds even if I disagree, but please watch the language.

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