Foreclosures Up, 1/3 Chance of Recession, Realtors say now is the time to buy!!

The National Association of Realtors is reassuring customers that now is the time to buy.  We are entering a new economy, and this temporary bump in the market is the perfect time to buy with greater selection. 

 According to Yahoo, foreclosures have doubled from last year and are up 36% from last month.  This will give you even more opportunities to buy.  These are fantastic houses that are selling at significant discounts.  Your local Realtor will explain everything to you and take care of this incredibly complex transaction.  These are specialized skills that no one else has, so make sure you pay a realtor 6% to look up something on the internet and drive you from place to place.   They will also contact the lawyer, whom you also have to pay,  for this small commision.  Now there are many naysayers on the news now, but they don’t have the same information we do. 

The market is in a temporary downturn and will come back.  Although Greenspan says there is a one in three chance of recession, you should remember that this is just a temporary downturn. 

The money in your house is just sitting there idly.  You can extract that money through a home equity loan, and you can purchase a rental home.  The selection has never been better.  Your realtor and mortgage broker can work together as an unholy alliance a team to make sure that you buy as much house as you can. 
Faithless naysayers will say that you would be stupid not to learn from what has happened in the last year.  The claim that being mortgaged up to the hilt fully leveraged puts you in a precarious financial situation is untrue.  The truth is that if you get in over your head, the goverment will bail you out.  Trust us.  We are the National Association of Realtors, our source for unbiased information.


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