More Budget Insanity- We can’t repair Bridges, we are too busy financing risky mortgages

The senate is currently debating a transportation and housing bill. This bill includes only $1 billion to speed up bridge repair. For crying out loud, Amtrak asked for and got $1.2 billion to subsidize them. (They have got the plan to turn their business around, by dang, and if it doesn’t work . . . they will come to us for another billion next year).

I wonder how much money was lost because of the Minnesota bridge collapse. There were 140,000 drivers that used the bridge each day. If you assume each driver takes an economic loss of $5 each due to time, gas, and wear and tear on the car, you end up with $700,000. A day. And that is a low estimate. Why are bridges so low on our priority list?

Housing and urban development is getting over $30 billion this year. Are we sure we should be insuring HUD loans when people who have trouble getting traditional loans seem to be defaulting left and right? I guess the one thing that it does do is make sure that politicians will get votes from that crowd. Meanwhile, programs that the tax paying citizens of the country would really want, like say, the “No bridge left behind” program crash down in ruins.

The backlog on bridge repairs is $65 billion. It is also growing, as wear and tear keeps taking its toll. In a situation like this, $1 billion is so small it is almost laughable. It’s like having a $65,000 credit card bill, and throwing in an extra thousand a year. Laudy frickin’ daw. You’ll have fun eating government cheese as your van plunges down into the river.

If the government can’t do its job at this either, it is time to hand it over to private enterprise. Set up tolls across the bridges. The most efficient and important repairs will be done by a company that wants to keep costs down. Those citizens of Minnesota would be happy to pay a few bucks to cross the bridge if they could have it actually hold up. Let’s either have the government get some common sense into transportation, or let’s get someone in transportation who has some common sense.


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