Awards for the Republican Debates

I watched the Republican Debates tonight over the internet. The talking heads all have their favorites and so do I, but they should really have debate awards

  1. Repeated the same phrase over and over for every question. Winner is . . . Rudy Giuliani. You mean you were really the governor of New York? Did crime drop? Wow!! Could I get that again?
  2. Best attempt to recruit a vice-president. . . Huckabee wins. Apparently, a lot of people would like McCain as a vice president. “You are my hero. You are braver and stronger than anyone I know.” Don’t get me wrong, McCain is a tough guy, but they were laying it on pretty thick all of the sudden.
  3. Rudest Candidate. . . Rudy Giuliani. I don’t care if you completely disagree with the other guy, DON’T ROLL YOUR EYES AND SMIRK ON CAMERA. That was incredibly rude to Ron Paul. If I knew who was snickering during the questions to Ron Paul, they would take the cake. It surpasses rude. Remember Al Gore? The only redeeming part is that Saturday Night Live made a hilarious skit out of it. (Lockbox. Strategory)
  4. Best line of the night . . . Ron Paul! ” We should take our marching orders from our Constitution.” He’s crazy, isn’t he? He thinks that the government of this country should be based on a constitution. Weirdo.
  5. Slickest sidestepping . . . Two way tie. Giuliani and Romney. These guys love to avoid answering questions. They are very skilled speakers and dance around the issues very, very well. All the same, you are left with an empty feeling after their answers. An honorable mention goes to Fred Thompson, who seems to be so weak on the issues that he doesn’t dare even debate them. I guess Leno gave more accommodating questions. (wuss)
  6. You were there? . . . Hunter takes the cake. You hardly knew he was there. He just came off of a big straw poll win and he blew that momentum by being blah.
  7. Painful Performance . . . McCain. His campaign is slowly dying all around him and it is sad to watch. His debating is not bad at all, but you can see him slowly slipping out of the first tier. He isn’t as polished as Romney and Giuliani, and he is not eloquent enough to stir up people with a simpler style of speech.

I think that as a whole people remain about where they were. McCain has probably slipped back a little based on the performance, and Huckabee moved up just a bit. Ron Paul once again fired up his supporters, although they are small in number, they continue to be devoted. They are the people that are motivated enough to vote in online polls after the debate, because they feel that what Ron Paul brings to the table is worth voting for.
My favorite candidate overall is Ron Paul. He says what he thinks, and he is right on a lot of the issues. I will support him all the way even though I don’t think his chances of success are very great. I want to support those who are truly in favor of smaller government. The rest of the republicans just pay lip service to the idea. If God suddenly eliminated the Department of Housing and Urban Development, I don’t think they would object too loudly, but they would never amputate the cancerous limb themselves. I think we should let the Dr. start the cutting out the cancer. With a machete.


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