Hello world!

I have long wanted to get into blogging and here is my first attempt. Please be gentle, and it will improve

I guess the major point I have to express is that we live in total excess in the USA. Nothing is wrong with being surrounded by all sorts of fantastic things. If I could afford to have an original Van Gogh in my house, I would. The point is that our houses are full of unused crap that we paid large prices for.

Advertising is more effective then any of us realize. I find myself wanting to buy tools that I will use once and then have collect dust on my shelf because I apparently don’t feel secure about the size of my stuff. I least I buy a miter saw for 300 bucks instead of a useless car for $50,000.

Here is some math-

$50,000 How much you made

-$15,000 Taxes

– $2000 One year of beans and rice for food

– $7200 Rent at $600 a month (Utilities Included)

-$600 Phone at $50 a month

-$200 The bike you used to get around since you couldn’t afford a car.

=$25,000 a year.

Who in their right mind would trade two years of their life under those conditions for a beamer. That same $50,000, if invested in the S&P500 for 40 years (25-65) would end up as $5.37 million. Now that is a really freaking expensive car.

Anyway, best of luck with your finances.


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